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Antiquities Dealers Association



Helios Gallery have been members of the Antiquities Dealers Association for many years Rolf having spent time on the committee.

The ADA’S Code of Conduct binds its members to ensure that to the best of their knowledge and belief all objects sold are genuine and as described


Code of Conduct

Membership is not automatic on application but is subject to vetting by the committee. 


  1. The members of ADA undertake to the best of their ability to make their purchases in good faith.


  2. The members of ADA undertake not to purchase or sell objects until they have established to the best of their ability that such objects were not stolen from excavations, architectural monuments, public institutions or private property.


  3. The members of ADA refuse to dismember and sell separately parts of one complete object.


  4. The members of ADA undertake to the best of their ability to keep objects together that were originally meant to be kept together.


  5. The members of ADA undertake to keep, as appropriate, photographic records of objects prior to repair and restoration, to be honest and open by describing in writing the amount of repair and restoration undertaken to a prospective purchaser.


  6. The members of ADA guarantee the authenticity, to the best of their ability, of all objects they offer for sale. In case of a dispute the issue may be referred to the Committee for arbitration. Each member confirms that in his or her full membership of the Antiquities Dealers Association, they adhere to the code of practice stated above.





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