E1 Faience shabti of Her-ib-Bastet £700


A green glazed faience shabti figure with finely moulded details and inscription. The text reads: "The Osiris, Her-ib-Bastet, born to Tas-nakht-Iset".

Shabtis for this owner are scarce and rarely appear on the market.

Egypt, 30th Dynasty, c. 380-343 BC

A few very minor chips on the foot and dorsal pillar

Size: 11.5 x 2.9 cms

Ex. private collection, Derbyshire, UK. Possibly from Tell Basta, from whence other shabtis were acquired in the late 19th Century.

For another (fragmentary) example and further references please see: Glenn Janes, The Shabti Collections volume 6, World Museum, Liverpool, item 236.