E2 Shabti of Pet-Osiris, ex Petrie & EEF £400

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A bright lustrous blue glazed faience shabti with moulded details.

The shape of the moulding as well as the unusual placement of the right hand above the left identify this shabti as belonging to Pet-Osiris, son of Djed-Hor.

Egypt, Abydos, early Ptolemaic period, 4th or 3rd Century BC

Foot and dorsal pillar chipped

Size: 11.3 x 3.2 cms

Ex. private collection, Derbyshire, UK. Shabtis for this owner were excavated at Abydos in 1902 by WM Flinders-Petrie and distributed by the Egypt Exploration Fund to numerous museums and benefactors.

For other examples and extensive further reading please see: Glenn Janes, The Shabti Collections volume 6, World Museum, Liverpool, item 268 and following.